Club Treasurer  Bruce Beatty

Harvey Leonard Lake Washington

AOY Standings 2017 Pts

Current  Top Ten Anglers

Todd Rock                    1065

Mark Heaslip             1055

Greg Burton                1025

Byron Larson             1015

Russell Kenyon         1005    

Pat Purcell                   1000

Chuck Fluty                  990
Mark Hammer            990

Kevin Jones                  970

Marcia Matsuoka     865               

Greg Russell Lake Sammamish

 Beth Beatty Lake Whatcom

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    Marcia Matsuoka

Pat Purcell  Black Lake

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George Yasutake  Lake Washington

Kevin Jones  Lake Washington

Castmasters is all about Bass Fishing and having fun doing it. We have a

passion for this great sport. We also

promote good sportsmanship and fish

preservation first and foremost.  If you

have any questions please feel free to

contact us or your more than welcome

to come to one of our Bass Meetings.

Chuck Fluty Lake Washington

Russell  Kenyon

Bob Bienkowski  Lake Sammamish

Gary Lewis   Lake Washington

Todd Rock    Lake  Washington

Vice President ,  Greg Burton

Castmasters Bass Club

Contest Director ,  Mark Heaslip

President,  Mark Hammer

Gary Lucas  Lake Whatcom

Mike Yasutake

Asst. Contest Director,  Byron Larson

Special Thanks to our Local Sponsors

Limit Out Marine        Pacific , WA.

421 5th  Ave NW, Pacific, WA. 253 863 9973

Contact: Russ Baker, Chris Ferry